Tonia D’Introno, MID, interior designer

//Tonia D’Introno, MID, interior designer
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Project Description

Tonia joined LHRA after 10 years of owning and running her own design studio here in Victoria. With a primary focus on high-end, single family, custom homes, Tonia brings a unique facet to the LHRA interior design department.

Earning a bachelor’s degree in Interior Design and Architectural Studies from the University of Massachusetts, followed by a Masters degree in Interior Design from the European Design Institute in Rome, Italy.  Tonia’s residential work has won awards and been featured is several magazines.

Born in Venezuela, and having lived and studied in, Italy, Spain and North America, Tonia brings a broad fabric of knowledge and experience from all areas of her life into her design. Coming from a dynamic and artistic upbringing, her passion for design and over-all enthusiastic approach to new projects and clients is undeniable. She is a great communicator and is keen to work closely with clients to attain the best possible design, with attention to detail and a flair for creativity.