Selena Kwok, Architect AIBC CPHD LEED AP

//Selena Kwok, Architect AIBC CPHD LEED AP
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Project Description

During the last 10 years, Selena has worked on diverse projects ranging in size from a large hospitality complex in the Middle East to a remotely located small custom home on Vancouver Island.  She joined LHRa in 2013 as a project architect and has contributed her design and leadership skills to many of our multi-family and senior’s housing projects

As a LEED accredited professional she has worked as the prime consultant on a number of LEED Gold certified commercial and residential buildings.  She loves the process of creating architecture and being part of a collaborative team of consultants, contractors, and clients, developing projects from schematic design through to completed buildings.

Selena finds satisfaction in contributing to the built environment and in addition to architecture, she is passionate about the art of graphic design; and has been known to provide graphic design services in exchange for chocolate!