Katie Prueter, BID B.ETOL, interior designer

//Katie Prueter, BID B.ETOL, interior designer
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Project Description

Katie’s love for design first began through floral design where she discovered her passion to create for others.  Although Vancouver born, it was while living in St. John’s, Newfoundland that her interest of Interior Design really developed and her 7-year career as a Kitchen Designer began.  Katie’s continuous thirst for knowledge took her to Germany to study Interior Architecture; ultimately graduating from the Bachelor of Interior Design program at Vancouver Island University in 2017.

Driven by connections, Katie believes that through true collaboration the most successful projects are born.  Some of Katie’s most captivating projects were a co-build project in France and a group design competition for a world exhibition in Germany.  Katie is passionate about public spaces and believes that amazing environments should be accessible by all.

Katie’s approachable and receptive nature draws people in, creating a zone for dialogue and development.  Her attention to detail and impeccable communication skills build trust with clients and consultants alike, ensuring projects are kept on track to successful completion.

On the weekends, Katie can be found exploring new trails, combing local beaches and planning her next adventure.